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Marine Awareness Workshop

Shangri-La's Hambantota, Earth Lanka Youth Network, Sustainable Ocean Alliances Sri Lanka and Turtle Island Restoration Network joined hands to conduct a 2-day workshop on Marine Awareness (1st, 2nd April 2021). The program was targeting the Environmental Pioneer members of grades 8 and 9 at Dehigahalanda School Ambalantota (SLHT EMBRACE Partner). 25 Environmental Pioneer kids, 26 higher grade students including several teachers and the school principal joined the workshop where they were educated on marine species, reef ecosystem and their conservation. The first day of the program was based on classroom activities where the kids learned on species and their importance.

The second day gave them hand on experience in observing the conservation site, which was managed by the resort. During the field activity, kids learned to snorkel and observe coral reef, associating fish species and the different invertebrates found in the eco system. It was also a learning time for the kids, to understand how pollution had affected these sensitive eco systems. Second day was a tough task to the team, as the sea was slightly turbulent and opaque during the time. With the assistance of resort lifeguards, the team managed to provide a great first-hand experience to these youngsters. The two-day program became the best memory for the environmental pioneers and higher grade students.

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