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Reptile Awareness Day 2018

SLHT Celebrated the Reptile Awareness Day 2018 with an educational Exhibition at the resorts Eco Center. Reptiles are a key importance in the ecosystem to control insect and pest populations around the world. The session that held on 22nd October was an eye opener for the guest and staff who were educated on reptiles, venom, identification and handling. The program was jointly organised with the Ridiyagama Safari Park (The Department of National Zoological Gardens Sri Lanka) and SLHT, with future goal of spreading awareness to locals in the area.The program will commence in 2019 to educate farmer communities and local schools to prevent killing of reptiles due to fear.

Ridiyagama Safari Park and SLHT Eco Center teams took extra caution to prevent handling damages to the snakes that were used in the program. And all specimens were taken back to the Ridiyagama Safari Park safely after the program.

To prevent guest and staff being injured by the reptiles, only the well-handled and non-venomous reptiles were given to provide hands on experience.

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